The Truth Behind relationships

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Jesse Bunde

created at: 2021-03-31 12:23:20

Many individuals think and have a minor perspectives that relationship is all about making love and sexing,,,BT that's not it actually,,relationship is where you have a sophisticated bond towards each others personality,being for each other in either side of life whether good or bad,,,"taakabecky once said,,,I touch your back when you also touch mine"helping each other to solve problems is also aquintancy,love as i said is very informidable when you get that person who treats you as you treat him/her,Tolerating each others personality and humanity.relationship can also be toxic if you make things go as you wish,remember living knowing that everything is a perfect as you think always ends up disappointing 🤨🤨have an optimistic nature and a kind hearted life so as to enjoy thy relationship,,,,as I said we only get the best we need for the best we give"scratch my back I scratch yours too"