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created at: 2020-10-24 19:25:39

Dear Son. 

In a few months time you will join college. English words are not good enough to Express how happy I am  right now. Maybe I'd have to consult Willis The Word Master to get the right Vocabulary to express this. 

Mama knows the journey ahead is not going to be as easy as it looks that is why I have written this tips for you. Call them Mama's Tips To College Success. And yes, Thank me later..

1. GO TO CLASS even when your roommate decides to remain in bed all day because he is vomiting the Konyagi he drunk yesterday night at Kevo's party. He will be kicked out of school soon enough for not attending classes and failing exams and his parents will tell him exactly what I will tell you now. SON, Konyagi and Jaba pave way for destruction. AVOID THEM


2. Your father is making tremendous sacrifices and working so hard to keep you in a private university.Call him once in a while.And whenever you are in a position where you would make less honorable choices. Think of him. Make him proud 

3. Son,I love you more than them. Don't forget to call me every once in a while. Love always

4. Failure is okay.You might fail one or two tests and feel like quitting school and coming back to your hometown.Please Don't. Education is the Key to life son.

5.Pretty ones are yet to be born so focus son. Unless she is from a Christian home and has her virtues upright don't give her a second glance. Being Samson is not your portion.

6.Stand up for what you believe in. Don't be shaken. Be honest and above all. Fear God. 


Son.. you are an achiever and we LOVE YOU