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Gregory Mwendwa

created at: 2020-10-23 19:31:38

I'm one mile close to the shore,
My legs gluesomely paces my past history of unforgetful journey,
I'm here confused, perplexed and terrified-
Will I pace forward to get in the drowning sea or will I go back in my long history of untraceable past?,
Once a time I walked head down and my legs facing  up,
I faced death with my face in this ace of human race ,
Once a time I've kissed the fire compassionately with my lips,
Its painful but sometimes pain is good to nerve the blood veins to work well,
I'm a man of son of man but Manning the man is the main reason of living life,
I'm working but my work is effortless to change the world without Christ Jesus.

I NOLONGER LIKE POETRY  in the season of much words,
I do take time to refresh my mind to think in the level of the elite,
I've read many books and alluded many authors,
I'm reading,I'm writing but no a time i ever wrote the deep extend in me,
I wish to sometimes fly high in galaxies and write instantly what I see,
I wish to sink below the mantle to bath in warmth of geysers and the warm breeze of molten rocks,
I wish to stand at the middle of the sea to see what Jesus saw on the waters,I can for he lives in me!
I wish to hold the at the horns the firce bull and fight it with my fists,
But I don't like that,
I like what I deslike most,
My liking is like the liking of a medicine by unsick child,
Like Paul I do mostly what thine heart deslikes most,
I'm running,
I'm learning,
I yearn for more wisdom and knowledge but I don't want to wear out my mind,
I'm stuck in mud that's dry with liquid blood,I'm thirsty of word and not what quanches the cells of the body,I'm in a cacooned cell of no rescue
I'm chained!!!

I NOLONGER LIKE POETRY  in season of adequency,
I do poetry when people are not exhausted,when in dire need of limited hope,
I write to them to show them tomorrow is hopeful,
I do it to tell the youth of dangers of the world,
I do it to remind the soldiers it's their duty to gurd the nation,
Tell farmers to do their work and will reap their harvest,
Doctors to do what's right and human rights will be met right,
I do put down my thoughts in inkjets,
My pen knows me but the  books I write on fear me,They fear my sharp handwriting that penetrates more than a needle,
The might words that awaken the lazy minds,
The diction that makes the king's rule in their boundaries of their reign!
My pen knows me,but papers fear my pen.

I NOLONGER LIKE POETRY  in the  of visitation by Holy Ghost,
At this time people are full of Hollines and tend to hear alittle,
They tend to listen less,for they are driven deeply in spirit,
I like poetry when crimes are eminent,
I write to people to change their ways to the Savior,
I'm a Biblical poet,
I must show people the way the truth and the way to life,
I live a life of whom liveth in me,
He liveth in me and drives me to write of Him,
He loved me and I owe him love,
He's love,he loves,I love him.
I know him from Pamplet of scrolls,
I've allude him in my poems of great fame,I like the poetry he has put in me,I write of him Everytime,

I NOLONGER LIKE POETRY  when I'm irritated or when I'm extremely happy I don't write,
For poetry isn't selfish,
Poetry doesn't know the owner but it respects the persona,
It doesn't fake it's originality,
It's genuine,a weapon that doesn't harm but changes crimes,
Mightier than a sword and brave than a lion
Poetry is strong like Mt. Zion,
It's clear like the clear crystalline water,
It's peaceful war,
It's bright dark day in bright night!
It's poetry ,

A tool that doesn't hurt but heals the heart,
I like poetry in season of change of seasons,
For as the earth rotates it always defines my dimensions of motion in it's orbit,day and night defines my Time dimension and in it's space the ancestor of galaxies are held by hands of Gravity,
All the work of God our creator,

I mean I NOLONGER like Poetry when not in it's season,
But poetry is in me,.it's part of me,.it's in me!
And I like it most.
#Season of poetry strong liking,
Poetry through dimensions of Space, Motion and Time.
(Gregory Poetry Foundation)
©Poet Greg.